• We will be starting our new rubbish bin service for residents of:

    • Waitakere from October 2017
    • North Shore from April 2018
    • Papakura from May 2018

    You can use this form to:

    • order a new rubbish bin
    • request a different sized rubbish bin
    • cancel our rubbish bin collection service

    Note: You will not be able to buy orange rubbish bags from retailers in urban areas.

    See FAQs for North Shore and Waitakere residents.
    See FAQs for Papakura residents.

    If your bin is damaged, misplaced or stolen contact us on 09 301 0101 for North Shore and Waitakere or 09 928 0934 for Papakura.

    Body corporates can contact us on wasteplanmultiunit@aklc.govt.nz for rubbish bin service queries for apartments or multi-units.

    • What area do you live in?

    • All residents will receive a medium 120L rubbish bin suitable for a 3-5 person household. To request a different sized bin or cancel our rubbish collection, complete the form below.

    • Enter your property address

    • Enter your unit number

    • Enter your full name

    • Enter your contact number (e.g. 09 xxxxxxx or 021 xxxxxx)

    • Enter your email address

    • L.D. Property_ID

    • L.D. Address_Form Lookup

    • L.D. Full_Street_No

    • L.D. Street_name

    • L.D. Suburb_name

    • L.D. tla_code

    • L.D. Service_Launch

    • L.D. Land_Use_Eligible_for_Refuse

    • L.D. no_of_uagc

    • L.D. Property_postcode

    • L.D. Land_Use_Code

    • L.D. Land_Use_Description

    • L.D. rates_assessment_num

    • L.D. Rateability

    • L.D. uagc_rate_amount

    • L.D. no_of_waste

    • L.D. waste_rate_amount

    • L.D. FullAddress

    • L.D. Formatted_address

    • L.D. Land_Use_Eligible_for_Food_Waste

    • L.D. Within Refuse Service Area

    • L.D. Within Food Waste Service Area

    • What would you like to do?

    • What rubbish bin size would you like?

    • Why are you ordering a new bin?

    • Why would you like to use our service?

    • Other

    • Bin removal

      Note: North Shore and Waitakere residents have two options:

    • Which bin would you like removed?

    • Enter the serial number of the rubbish bin you want us to exchange (you can find this on the right-hand side of your bin)

      Enter the serial number of the bin you want us to remove (you can find this on the right-hand side of your bin)

    • Why would you like a different bin size?

    • Other

    • Why do you no longer want to use our service?

    • Other

    • I agree that:

      Auckland Council will remain the owner of the bin and you must not remove it from the property if you move or sell this property. All information will be held in accordance with our privacy policy.